What are an international patent application (PCT) and an international search report (ISR)?

Legal background – the role of the PCT application Most inventors and companies (called “applicants” in the patent world) start the process of obtaining patents by filing a patent application in a single jurisdiction, typically where the invention is likely to be sold first. However, many applicants for patents have the ambition of later expanding their sales internationally and this...


Two Cambridge companies change the face of IP and Funding – Event Report

Last week Pekama co-hosted an event titled ‘Cambridge Reinvents the Business of Innovation‘ with investment startup SyndicateRoom. SyndicateRoom were Pekama’s neighbours in Cambridge but recently moved to new offices in the Pitt building. This was the site for the introductory talks by James Sore, SyndicateRoom’s Chief Investment officer and Zeev Fisher, Pekama’s CEO and founder. The intention was to bring...

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