Where Pekama Is – June 2017


As the first post on our blog, I wanted to take some time to talk about where Pekama is now and how we got here.

As I’ve told many people, many times, I set Pekama up to solve a problem. The problem I had back then was that I couldn’t find any case management software that I thought was good enough for my law firm. So, I went ahead and designed some, then had it built and when I was happy with it, started the Pekama business.

For two years or more I worked to make the Pekama software better and to sell it and promote its use to other law firms. This was an incredibly rewarding experience because I learnt so much in the process. We now have a superb case management product that firms around the globe use to manage their legal cases.

At the end of 2016, I attended a great networking event in Cambridge (UK, where we are based) that was centered around digital marketing and automation. I learnt a lot from this event and started putting it in to practice. Using tools such as Active Campaign, Typeform, and others to help Pekama find new users and understand their needs.

This in turn led us to start thinking about how Pekama could be used as a platform to connect lawyers from around the world as well as manage their cases for them. A bit of head scratching and many late nights and we came up with Pekama Community. A new site built on our existing product but doing something that no one else in the #legaltech world was doing: a social marketplace for IP professionals.

We launched in December of 2016 and by May of 2017 had 700 Pekama Community members. And that’s roughly where we are now.

We have just closed our latest round of funding, we are seeing a fast flow of work through the system, and we are launching our newly designed site.

It has been an exciting and exhausting journey and I know that things are going to be more exciting and more exhausting as we push on through 2017 and into the future.

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