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Here at Pekama, we help IP attorneys get better service, better price and more reciprocal work from their network of foreign associates.

We have over 1,000 IP experts from around the world using the Pekama platform; Lenka Musilová is a patent attorney in Czech Republic and below she shares her experience in industry as well as her feedback on the Pekama platform.


Hi Lenka, how many IP professionals work in your firm?
We are not a typical firm. We are a team of patent attorneys and attorneys in law working in cooperation under the name InPartners Group. And in our group work 5 patent attorneys and 2 attorneys at law and of course our patent attorney assistants and administrators.

How long have you been practicing IP?
I have been practicing for 7 years. 6.5 years as a patent attorney assistant and since January 
2017 I have been patent attorney.

What is the focus of your practice?
Yes my current focus is trademarks and design protection in the Czech Republic and also in the European Union. And further I specialise in trademark and design protection in abroad.

Tell us a bit more about yourself. What do you like to do in your spare time?
My work is also my hobby. I have studied International Intellectual Property in the university for 5 years and in my free time I spend with my family. And also, many years ago I founded a charity for abused dogs. Along with my friends we help these dogs find new homes and start a new life. We are four friends so it’s ok. It’s my free time.

What do you see as the biggest challenges to the IP industry?
It’s a hard question. I think there are many things that I see as a big challenge. The biggest challenge for me is being famous and successful and to help people in growing their business and help them protect their rights.

If you don’t mind sharing, what’s your firms most competitive advantage?
We have many specialists. We have patent attorneys with chemical university degress and technical university degress and we have attorney at law so we can help our client also with business law.

What are the biggest changes you have seen within the IP Industry?
I remember the big change in the USA. It was the change from first to invent to first to file. It was a really big change in 2013. And further new act of the European Union issued recently, new charges and some small changes in proceedings. And currently I follow also news about unified patent and unified patent court means 25 European member states sign an agreement on a unified patent court. So it is close to the patent with unitary effect in the European Union. So this is the biggest changes which I remember.

How do you see yourself making a difference to the IP Industry?
The changes in the Czech Republic you mean? I’m so sorry, but I don’t know because I think the work is still same. We are a group with same people, some employees changing but this is only administrative assistants and still same people, still same acts, still same work, only the companies change.

Turning to your services now, we want to assemble some useful information for our community members and make them more aware of the different ways IP is handled in different jurisdictions, so we would like to ask you some questions about IP protection in one of the jurisdictions where you practice.

What is the jurisdiction that you would like to talk about? Czech Republic and European Union.

Starting with patents, is the Czech Republic member of the Paris convention and PCT? Yes

What is the typical time from filing to grant in your jurisdiction? Typically 1 up to 3 years if the request for examination is filed together with application.

Is Czech Republic a member of any PPH agreements? Yes, Japan, USA, Finlandia and now newly with China.

Are there other acceleration processes? Yes, we can file an official request to the Czech IPO for acceleration of proceeding

Are there limitations to protection of healthcare-related inventions? Yes, methods of healthcare-related inventions cannot be protected.

Do you have utility models / innovation patents? Yes, utility models

If yes – is there substantive examination?  No, there is no substantive examination in utility models proceeding, there is registration system.

Moving to trademarks, is the Czech Republic a member of the Madrid protocol? Yes

Are there multi-class applications in the Czech Republic? Yes

What are the minimum filing requirements?  The wording or sign of the trademark, list of g/s, original of Power of Attorney

Is a certified priority document required? Yes

What is the opposition period?  3 months from publication

What is the use requirement and when do marks become vulnerable for cancellation? Trademark must be used in business relationship in the Czech Republic and it becomes after 5 years from registration vulnerable for cancellation.

For how long are trademarks valid? 10 years from filing

What is the approach to 3D trademarks? They should be filed like common trademark application.

How do you see your future involvement in the Pekama community?
I think really, it’s the first platform which I use for my work and I’m really happy. I’m happy with this platform because it’s really great.

What can Pekama do to help you and your business grow?
I like Pekama platform because it’s very easy for me to find any patent attorneys abroad. So when I start talk with some patent attorney abroad, it’s really very easy for me. I can see the patent attorneys on LinkedIn and I find out more information about this patent attorneys. So it’s very big advantage for me. I think that we can offer to our client really good patent attorney abroad.

What are the leading economic sectors which you service in your country?
I don’t know because it’s different kinds of companies who ask for our help. We help 4-5 universities with their patents.


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