Setting Up Auto-Responses on Pekama

If you have a supplier account setup on Pekama, it is possible to setup auto-responses for all incoming enquiries. Here is a short explanation on how to do that.

Go to the Services section of your Supplier Profile page by clicking on this link. [You’ll need to be logged in to do this]

From here you can see the services you have listed. It should look something like this:

Example Services tab

You’ll then need to click on the Blue edit icon to add an auto-response for each of your services. (Yes, you have to do each service individually). Clicking the ‘Automatically reply to enquiries’ checkbox will open an editing field for you.

The auto-response has suggested text in it but it can be edited to suit your requirements. This is the message that will be sent to anyone sending an enquiry to you.

You can attach a file to the message (eg. a schedule of fees) and you can choose who the message will be sent from by selecting a team member under ‘Handling member’.

Click on the blue tick icon to save the auto-response message.


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