Software for Immediate Worldwide IP cost estimates for Patent & Trademarks

Are you wasting time waiting for quotes?

The big issue for both in-house teams and for IP attorneys is the time it takes to get information to decision makers.

The classic argument is that it is, and always will be, a balancing act between speed and accuracy. But why? Trademark and Patent costs in 2018 can be forecasted instantly and the benefits are massive. Using smart algorithms firms are able to respond immediately to client inquiries and in-house teams are able to budget their Intellectual Property Spend against actual market prices.


  • Uses the actual fee schedules of your foreign network and the Pekama benchmarking


  • Automatically shows you the price for national phase work without the emails back and forth to suppliers

More Cost Effective

  • Saves you time and money on national phase filings

So how does Pekama work in practice?

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