Getting Price Estimates For Your Patent Filings

Pekama offers an easy way for you to get pricing estimates for filing PCTs or entering the National Phase. If you have filed your initial application (and it appears on the EPO ESpace site) you can easily search it, and add it to your Pekama portal, and Pekama will create price estimates for you based on the best prices we can calculate for you.

Below are some easy instructions on how you can do this yourself. (Click the images to expand them).

1. When signed in to Pekama and on the YourIP page, click the +New IP button and select ‘Fetch Existing Patents’

2. From this page, search for your patent. You can do this searching any of the fields that the patent is associated with (eg. Inventor, aplicant, title, application number etc.). You can then sort the results by deadline.

3. When you have found your patent click ‘Save to My IP‘. You can click to save multiple patents from your search(es).

4. When you have saved your patent (a green tick will appear against each patent you have saved), scroll back to the top of the page and click on the large back arrow

5. Wait for the YourIP page to update (or hit refresh). Pekama will start pulling together pricing information for your patents.

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