Getting Price Estimates for Your Trademark Filings

Pekama offers an easy way for you to get pricing estimates for filing Trademarks in overseas jurisdictions. If you have filed your initial application, you can easily add it to your Pekama portal and Pekama will create price estimates for you based on the best prices we can calculate for you.

Below are some easy instructions on how you can do this yourself. (Click the images to expand them).

1. When signed in to Pekama and on the YourIP page, click the +New IP button and select ‘New IP: Trademark

2. You can then give it a title (and save it) and choose the country it was initially filed in (then also press save).

3. Then start adding some details. Firstly, add the number of classes and then select the original filing date by clicking on the ‘Not filed’ words.
In this example, we are adding a US Trademark with 4 classes that was filed on October 23rd 2018.

4. When you have entered this information, hit f5 to refresh the webpage and Pekama will start adding a number of countries to the Trademark family like this:

5. By checking one of the check-boxes to the left of the country flag, it is possible to see a Pekama calculated price for filing your Trademark in the chosen country/jurisdiction.

In this example Australia has been chosen and you can see that Pekama estimates that filing Trademark with 4 classes in Australia would be $2,555.

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