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Two Cambridge companies change the face of IP and Funding – Event Report


Last week Pekama co-hosted an event titled ‘Cambridge Reinvents the Business of Innovation‘ with investment startup SyndicateRoom. SyndicateRoom were Pekama’s neighbours in Cambridge but recently moved to new offices in the Pitt building. This was the site for the introductory talks by James Sore, SyndicateRoom’s Chief Investment officer and Zeev Fisher, Pekama’s CEO and founder.

The intention was to bring together young start up firms (looking for funding and advice about Intellectual Property), IP professionals, and investors; allowing all parties to discuss their needs, ask advice, and offer their help.

The opening talk from SyndicateRoom’s Chief Investment Officer James Sore, was a great overview of what investors and startups should be thinking about when working together to get funding, to get their business off the ground. He covered some of the basics needed to attract investors as well as advice and lessons learned from his substantial experience in the financial and startup sectors.

As is not unusual with Zeev Fisher, the next presentation was both a light-hearted overview Pekama and how we work alongside some opinionated thoughts and ideas of how the IP legal process currently works.

Using the theme of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Zeev talked animatedly about how Pekama is breaking the traditional (Bad) ‘black box’ of IP legal practice and developing a platform for a more open and transparent way of working; allowing IP owners better access to their cases and legal documents for the benefit of both IP owners and IP attorneys.

As a successful SyndicateRoom portfolio company CEO, Zeev was able to talk about Pekama’s experience of working with SyndicateRoom and James could offer his thoughts on Pekama and how IP matters when making investment decisions.

When the Q&A session finished, we walked over to the Varsity Hotel’s rooftop bar for networking, drinks, and canapes. With a spectacular view over the roofs, trees, colleges, and spires of Cambridge, the scene was set for perfect evening of intense discussion amongst attendees.

In the picture – Zeev (left) and Goncalo (right) sharing last minute thoughts

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Pekama 2.0 is here to help IP attorneys grow their practice


When we started the Pekama IP Community to empower IP attorneys and help them grow their practice. We took it upon ourselves to turn the IP world into a connected community, bring IP firms in different locations closer together and help them work with each other faster and more efficiently, on the basis of good data and a community vibe.

Within just 6 months, our membership base grew to over 800. An IP attorney can now rely on Pekama fully for her or his filing needs all over the world, but more importantly, any IP attorney knows that working with Pekama Community members means a higher chance to receive work from other community members.

Many of our members pointed out many things we could improve on the site. We were listening and learning and we are now incredibly proud to announce Pekama 2.0 – our new, shining, so-much-better, community platform.

Here’s part of what’s new: 

  • A new design – nicer, cleaner, professional-looking, design that is easier and clearer to use. We took a lot of advice from professionals to make Pekama easier and more intuitive.
  • Multiple countries in a single query – You can start conversations and request quotes for multiple jurisdictions in a single query. This is ideal for national phase applications or EP validations, or trademarks in different countries.
  • A single-number quote – You can now respond to a query with a single number quote which means a much easier way to see and compare quotations.
  • An opportunities area –  We now allow you to search for firms that have work in your jurisdiction and save them for later. This makes it easier to send work to firms who are more likely to reciprocate.

We hope you enjoy the new Pekama Community and would be very pleased to hear from you!

Zeev, the Founder

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News, Information, Help, & Insight Into The Pekama Community

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